Base Camp Package

Cine Power Systems offers single-phase base packages and an extensive inventory of equipment to build custom packages for any size production. From a large to basic rental we will provide endless feet of bandit cable, distribution boxes, cable crossovers, 120v/240v amp 50ft extensions, 120v 30amp extensions, stingers, cam lock adapters and threefers. Plus many other miscellaneous parts. All the gear is delivered in carts for ease of mobility. View a sample of our inventory below.

Inventory stock

1 phase flow thru distribution box
6 hole 30amp 120v bates batch
8 hole 50amp craft service box

1 phase 3 wire bandit (cam lock)
Grounding squids
Cam lock threefers (red, blue, black, white)
Male/Female T’s (red, blue, black, white)
1 phase/3 phase lug to cam lock whips
Male/Female suicide cam locks
50 amp Hubble to cam lock adapter
Male cam lock to 50 amp twist lock adapters 50amp 220v to 110v 30amp splitters
50amp 220v to 110v 30amp 50ft extensions 220v 50ft. extensions
220v to 220v 50ft twist lock adapters
120v 30amp to Edison adapters

Cable carts
Cable crossover carts
Distro carts
3ft 5 channel cross overs
Milk crates
Hitch packages (sliders, combos, pintles)